Our Difference


At Michigan Financial Planning our clients are not a commodity. Our relationship does not end at simply providing investment vehicles. We are dedicated to simplifying our client's financial lives and making it easier to help achieve financial success. It is our approach that truly separates us from the pack.
In the beginning our advisors work with our clients to help establish a long term financial plan. Once we have a foundation of our client's current finances, goals and risk tolerance we help establish and implement a strategy. We believe that each part of a client's portfolio whether it be a 401k, IRA or Non Qualified brokerage account should not operate independent of one another. It does not matter if a client's investments are managed solely by us or not. What does matter is that all aspects of our client's finances are taken into consideration when developing a financial plan or portfolio allocation strategy.
Once we feel that we have provided our clients with the proper recommendations to help suit their needs we maintain regular one on one meeting's to track and monitor progress and make adjustments as needed. Our clients also receive access to technology like Albridge Wealth Solutions to help make financial management easier.
We encourage you to give our process a chance and we look forward to the opportunity to show you our difference.
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